“Even with the current climate,

this is still the best job in the world. I am proud to be a Police Officer and support the blue line.”


Those who have paid the ultimate price serving New Ulm.

Albert Winkelmann – 32 Years old, Under 1 year of service to NUPD

Date of Incident/Death: 7/5/1895

Officer Albert Winkelmann was shot and killed form ambush while making his nightly patrol rounds.  Officer Winkelmann was shot once in the neck.  A local veterinarian who held a grudge against Officer Winkelmann was charged with his murder but later acquitted.  The murder remains officially unsolved.  Officer Winkelmann was survived by his wife and 2 children.

John F. Herzog – 65 Years old,  18 years of service to NUPD

Date of Incident: 2/16/1928

Date of Death: 2/18/1928

Officer John Herzog succumbed to injuries sustained two nights earlier when he fell while on duty.  Officer Herzog was walking to the train depot to meet the arriving passenger train as part of his normal duties. Officer Herzog slipped on ice and fell against a fire hydrant, suffering broken bones and internal injuries.  After returning home he collapsed and was taken to the local hospital.  Pneumonia set in as a result of the injuries and Officer Herzog passed away two days later.  Officer Herzog was survived by his wife and 10 children.

Paul D. Renner – 23 Years old, Under 1 year of service to NUPD

Date of Incident/Death: 6/23/1966

Officer Paul Renner was accidentally shot and killed when another officer’s shotgun discharged as he attempted to clean it.  The other officer was attempting to open the chamber of the shotgun when it discharged.  The buckshot traveled through the open doorway and into the dispatch room where Officer Renner was standing.  Officer Renner was survived by this wife and daughter.